took me by surprise

I recall a conversation about 10 years ago with a friend in high school about how I set really high expectations. I found out over the years that I not only do that of others, I do the same of of myself. Every time I find myself burned by those expectations, I think to myself – self, stop it. (Yes, I am that profound!)

I realize that this obsession of mine is a little bit ridiculous – but the reality is that I expect a lot of others. For those of you who who must deal with my crap, I’m sorry!

Anyway, life’s been crazy – I’ve been crabby – but the good news is that it’s almost Friday night – what does that mean? It means that I’m going to be sitting in a movie theater, watching The Darjeeling Limited. This girl is happy about that.

Let’s hope some expectations get met with that one, though. (And yes, I am setting the bar high for this movie!)

:::Losing Lisa:::…::::Ben Folds


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