take a walk…

So, I write a blog for my graduate school. I don’t get “paid” for it – but I do like the “job.” Well, let’s be honest here – I have NO free time. But I have made a commitment to write this thing once a week, and seeing has how the first few weeks I was a little behind on the proverbial 8-ball, and I am avoiding my present Hebrew Exegesis assignment, I decided to write a blog about something a bit more open-ended than normal – that, and I like to be a little controversial or at least provocative, hence the Captivating reference.

Seeing as how I have so little time, I’m linking you to the blog AND telling you to copy the link to it as a separate blog of mine. 9 times out of 10 I write two separate blogs, unless I feel both audiences could value what I think. (Haha, you poor souls.) The article won’t be posted until mid-morning on Wednesday (Halloween). But if nothing else, you can be entertained (or bored to death) by my ramblings over there. Oh, and you can certainly laugh at my lack of grammatical editing over there too.

(PS… I am madly excited for Brooke Waggoner this weekend. Seriously, check this woman out.)

**Apparently the blog’s not uploaded yet onto the FTS blog – it’s coming.
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