i go out (on my own)…

I think I need to seriously find a job that permits/requires large amounts of travel. And no, driving between a church office and a local high school does not qualify as travel. I’m talking four or more hours by car, or requiring air transportation. I absolutely adore traveling. (But, I do hate packing for it, as would be witnessedy my roommate – I ran into my room late Monday night to pack and never returned, as I fell asleep folding clothes. I’m sure there was some questioning as to where I had gone).

Seriously though, I madly love traveling. I love pulling up to a gas station, walking in and watching what the “locals” do, listening to the local accent, and washing my windshield accomplishment (weird, yes). I love random billboards. I love laughing hysterically at weird license plates and keeping mental track of the different state’s plates that pass. I love finding different talk radio stations. I love just seeing different parts of the country.

When I lived in Indianapolis, I would drive back to Fairview about 3-4 times a year. The drive of I-465 to I-70 to I-270 to I-71 to I-271 to I-90 is forged into my mind. I knew every gas station to stop at in either direction (yay, Flying Js). I knew if I wanted to go shopping and feel like a girl, it was obvious that I would head to the Outlets on I-71. I had the timing down perfectly, so I always could guess around a 15 minute window how long it would take me to get home in either direction. I inevitably laughed every time I saw the Tom Raper RV signs entering IN. I giggled every time I had clear reception of WTAM 1100 (Cleveland’s main sports station). Sigh… I miss that kind of driving.

At LAX yesterday, a guy sat down next to me and started to talk. A lot. At one point in our conversation (which will be recapped later), he asked me how many times I’ve flown in the last year. I started to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… WHAT? Yeah, by the time 2007 comes to a close, I will have flown 15 times one-way since I moved to LA. Ridiculous. Let’s not discuss that there were three other trips that were canceled. His eyes bugged out at me. How many had he? Well, he’d not left LA/OC area in the last 8 years.


Yesterday’s travel experience was no less memorable than other times I’ve traveled. In fact, it was higher on the list of laughs I’ve had while traveling. But the reminder was quite clear: I have seen so much of this country and am so ridiculously lucky.

Thanks to all my dear friends and family for the chance to be a part of your lives, and my travel experiences. You all are amazing.

::::i go out (on my own)::::..:::::griffin house:::::


One response to “i go out (on my own)…

  1. I, too, enjoy traveling, although I really just like it when I get to the destination, whereas you enjoy the journey, which I think is a much healthier way to be. I will definitely give you a call sometime while you’re in PA, unless I have a baby before that. 🙂

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