only happy in the sun

I was home 3 separate times in 2007, starting with a very random, and short trip home in August. Fresh off V’s wedding, I headed up the turnpike with Beth when I got a message from my mom saying something along the lines of, “are you sure you’re not coming home???” I don’t know, but a combination of feelings overtook me and I was messaging with mom for a ride home.

Well anyway, thanksgiving for a week and now Christmas, here I am. Sitting up, wide awake at 2 am. It took about 24-hours for me to realize that yes, my parents and I have changed in thinking. The past few days have been the oh so subtle, and not at all sweet reminder of how much I have grown and changed in the last year. Certainly moving twice helps. New environments. New people. But schnikes! Wow, we’re not in the same places at all. I dare say a word when my father makes green comments, or when my mother makes political comments about Obama. I found myself wondering today if it was that I disagree with them, or if I just don’t like the way they present their opinions more.

I hope, pray, direly in all truth, that I show some tact when I offer opinions, or in the very least, that I am wise in how I share. I read something once (clearly I was avoiding a paper) that said that personality is less likely to admit my disgust for someone’s opinion if I really care about them. Which makes me feel good – at least I care about my parents. But this actually is making my skin crawl, all the comments.

PS. Another great “oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m really home” moment? Watching a movie referring to sex with my father. Every teen has moments like this, but this time, the giddy glee-filled laugh from my father freaked me out a bit too much. I’m home, and I’m not sure how I feel about it, folks.

(PS do you know what the official alcohol of the US is? I do.)


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