things start splitting at the seams

Reality tv has pretty much driven me crazy since its mass-inception. Well, I should admit my absolute obsession with MTV’s Real World and Road Rules since late middle school. (Dare I forget Real World/Road Rules Challenges?? Yeah, I pretty much live for those!) There were those delightful Tuesday nights in college when Beef and I weekly watched newlyweds, but even joys like that from mTv are gone. So sad. RR/RW sucks. And I refuse to indulge in My Sweet Sixteen, or anything of the like (especially because someone from my hometown was actually on the show – eeek!)

But I must say that with this extended (when will it end??) writers’ strike, I have relegated my tv watching to reality tv (ooh, and football/basketball!). I swore this would never happen. Instead in the past two months my obsessions have become: Little People, Big World, Jon and Kate plus 8, What Not to Wear, Project Runway and the one I’m embarrassed to admit, Crowned.

What has come of me????????

For those of you who have yet to see it and live anywhere near Anna and my apartment, all I have to say is let me know, and get your butt over here. Oh. My. Gosh. Incredible. Both Grete and Kristin have indulged and I highly doubt they regret it! 🙂

The premise? Teams of moms and daughters compete together to be the first ever mother-daughter pageant winners. I kid you not. What’s better than watching teams where you might question who is the mother of the duo? Then of course there’s the highly depressing insecurities that play through each week. Watching the mother’s bawl as they can’t reach their daughter’s assumed expectations certainly drops some of my credibility, but for all the ridiculous-ness of this snow, I must say – it presents an interesting commentary on culture.

Seriously, watching teams split in the house between the nice and the mean teams is just, well as I put it the other night, good bad tv. Thank you CW for yet another ridiculous tv show. I didn’t know if you could beat your infamous Beauty and the Geek, but you have.

::::::no one’s gonna love you:::::::.::::::band of horses::::::


One response to “things start splitting at the seams

  1. B. Jeffrey Vidt

    This leaves me remarkably terrified.

    May it never stop.

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