give you up

The night before classes start buzz still works, apparently. Here I am, wide awake at 3:30 am. Do I want to go to class tomorrow? No. I’m about to have 8 hours of classes tomorrow, and instead of sleeping, I’m fixing my iTunes library, updating my iPod, and, well, browsing the net on some of my favorite blogs that I’ve neglected.

Of course one of them I found a little gem that I feel I cannot ignore nor hoard. So my friends, to bring you back to the age of your palazzo pants, neon shirt, teased hair life, I share with you: Rick Astley. I’m not sure what I love more in this video. His “sweet” dance moves (gotta love the white man sway), the costuming, or his confusion as to what to do with his hands (these moves make me think Rick has got to have some Italian heritage in the lineage.


One response to “give you up

  1. B. Jeffrey Vidt

    Here I am, almost two weeks into classes, and I still stay up until 3 AM…

    I haven’t been on this website for a while 🙂

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