my knees on the ground

Blown away. Seriously, I am blown away. 11:02 tonight I got a text message from Indiana. “r u awake if so just call me and u can tell me all about life in ca!” Yeah, that would make it 2:02 am EST. Ridiculous, at best, would be the words in my mind, but knowing how much she’s been trying to reach me in the last month, I figured I needed to give this girl a call. Maybe a 10 minute phone call. Maybe the phone totally messed up and she actually texted this 5 hours previously.

I just spent an hour and 20 minutes on the phone with this dear young lady tonight. I am utterly astounded. It’s not just one thing. It’s not that she gets life in Christ better than I do. It’s not that she is free-spirited and yet somewhat grounded (hey, for a junior in high school, this is incredible!) It’s not that she’s amazing – it’s so much more than that.

Instead I sit back in my bed at 1 am and wonder so many things. What does it mean that these kids still call me? What does it mean that I have become so cold to the facts, while broken by their hurt, the lack of deep conversation with teenagers leaves me forgetting what it tangibly does to these students?

So when I’m on the phone and hear deeply what is going on in her heart, my heart legitimately aches. I feel so horrific that the body of believers has forgotten the kids. That we’re so damn worried about our own crap, that we forget the others. Or that we have a complusion of making the others not any of our own. My heart is with young people not because i think they’re more important, but that theyre equally important to care for in our world.

This girl has taught me far more than I ever deserved to know. Far more…


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