more than I can give

So I laugh often at the reality that my worlds not only collide at insanely deep and intertwining levels, but also leave me lonely for something of the past. The irony of this reality is that I hunger for the future. I’m the person who during the second week of the quarter is wondering what classes are offered in the following, just because. Or the girl who is in the middle of seminary, and yet wants to know what the future precisely holds. I can’t stop being that vision focused, future-at-bay, what’s-next-asking girl. It’s been in my bones since – well, since I knew how to speak. Which, according to my mother, would have to be when I was 10 months old and spoke my first word – in Japanese??? Ya, apparently. Don’t ask, I’m confused too.

This quarter has been a ride and a half. The other night in the car a friend remarked by how during the first few weeks she was trying to wake up, the next few it was more of trying to survive, and now all of a sudden its the end of the quarter. Soooo true. How in the world is tomorrow Thurs of week 8?!?! WOW!

I need to take it a bit slower, but then again, I want things to move fast – Project Runway ends in a week! 🙂

::::lonely one::::…::::griffin house::::


One response to “more than I can give

  1. i like reading your blog. your writing is blogalicious. work it.

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