I don’t know what to do…

Wholly moley. It’s been 30+ days since I wrote a blog entry and published it. Please note said distinction. I can’t find the heart to share what I’ve written, or the time to complete the thoughts. But, I digress.

The last month has included phone interviews, quarters ending, grades returning, trip planning, traveling, paper-writing and sleeping. Oh, and working. Yes. Another quarter has come and gone, making the grand total of 6 quarter completed – or you could look at it as:80 credit hours of graduate work. WHAT THE HECK! Some people finish a degree with another 12, and I’m looking at this as the “just past the midway point.”

Um, excuse me, but I thought I’d let you know that I’m apparently getting a masters. I don’t know, but that clicked the other day and I heartily laughed. I laughed because I can’t imagine that in a year I’m done with school. I found this past quarter that the passion I knew I once had for school and learning came pulsating back into my heart. My competitive self still shines through. This charisma has certainly been lost as of late though. I don’t know how much I really liked myself at times this past year. I’m hoping a change happens this next quarter.

Life is crazy, I have thoughts that are bursting from the stretched seams. And, I do miss all of you. Wee, this quarter is going to be a bit much, but I guess I need to buckle in – it’s going to be a LONG ride this time around.


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