hope is where we’re starting from

I’ve never wanted to get very political over here. I mean, I guess that’s a total lie, because for as much as I claim that, I am often political. Some days I wonder how I didn’t end up in that world. Ha. I think maybe I am a 4 Marsha!? šŸ™‚

Being from PA, I am a registered republican (might I add that back in my hometown if you weren’t registered as a republican, you had no vote come primary time), I have no real vote in the upcoming contested PA primary (too bad I didn’t think to update that when I was back in PA – sigh!)

All I can say to my friends back in PA is get out and vote on the 22nd. This might be one of the biggest votes you’ll ever play a role in (of course, there was that first election my generation voted in: the Bush/Gore (dare I say, hanging chad) debacle!.

Just get out and vote if you can, friends.

::::hope is where we’re starting from:::::.::.::.::::justin mcroberts::::


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