it feels the same to you

Occasionally, probably once a week, I have a habit of going to my hometown paper‘s online service and checking out some of the news. The Pennsylvanian version of the Mistake on the Lake (in other words, Erie) is home to some crappy writing. We’re talking some gouging your eyes out, what am I reading, is this really news, wow this is so irrelevant to the rest of the world, what decade does the city I used to call home exist in sort of writing. First of all, I should note how few female writers are a part of this paper. I do not know how much I actually contemplated it in high school or college; maybe it wasn’t a problem, but my assumption is I was never taught to ponder any sort of potential (or existent) disparity.

So as I slowly ventured into the Erie Times-News website today, and was meandering through the sports section (of course!), I somehow hit a link through my keyboard and ended up on “it.” Hmmm… I’m not quite sure how to ponder some equality issues in the US. There in front of my eyes was “HerTimes.” Yes, HerTimes. Below are the questions and thoughts that immediately followed this discovery:

1) Where is HisTimes?
2) Wait, does that mean that the Erie Times-News is for men on the whole?
3) Why is this article better written than any other article I’ve read so far in the Erie Times-News?
4) Wow this is better written and more thoughtful than E.T.N.
5) This article isn’t devoted to women alone!
7) Do I really get feminism?
8) Is Libby Feminison getting over-sensitive? (If you have no idea what I’m referring to, ask me in a comment and I’ll explain.)
9) How would my mom respond to this?
10) Wow I over-analyze things.

Yeah… I’m… baffled. Seriously.


3 responses to “it feels the same to you

  1. You crack me up. And no phone call this weekend?? We need to fix that!

  2. Thanks for giving me some humor for my day. I would have been wondering many of those same things. And btw…what is Libby Feminison..or something like those words.

  3. haha, oh erie.

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