be careful you’re future’s at stake

A lot of my friends and other extraneous blogs which I read have totally different genres, themes and intentions. They cater to specific audiences. They seek out those audiences, in the midst of drawing them near. I have friends who write daily, weekly, when the baby stops crying, when a new album appears, when the telephone stops ringing, when the stress level is too high.

Which has me thinking lately – what the hell am I doing on here? Is this just therapeutic? Do I want attention? Do I like helping other people know that they’re not alone? Do I like to make people laugh/roll their eyes?

I see some blogs and think, I could do that. I see others blogs and think, I’ll never do that.

I guess the thing I love about this space is its raw – for the most part. For every published blog, I probably have 2 sitting waiting to be finished and some never to be touched again. Well, in the raw form that this blog is in, I hope that maybe I can draw some of you “out” – out and into conversation. It doesn’t mean that I am changing what I’m doing, or that I’m shutting down. Nothing like that… Let’s be honest, not much if anything will change. But I wonder what sort of a community can actually form on this little blogsphere. I have no idea who all subscribes, who all reads, who lurks, who stumbles, or who trips into this little space of themadlibs.

But what I would love to see is exactly who you are, and why you’re here. What you want to say (type), read, or laugh at with me. Do you want to remain anonymous? Sure, go for it. Send me an e-mail (the mad libs at gmail dot com) if you don’t want to go “public” with your subscription. I know you’re out there.

I don’t know – it seems like high time I stop hiding behind a black screen and white keys. Or maybe its just a whole new level of living with it.

:::::musical seats….::…cabin…::::::: <—latest worthy obsession – o.m.freaking.g.


3 responses to “be careful you’re future’s at stake

  1. Really? No one except me has posted a comment? Or you just haven’t approved them yet? Anyway, hi. I read. And sometimes comment. But I think you already knew that!

    P.S. Don’t forget to send me your itinerary; I can’t wait to see you!

  2. i read you!

  3. Kim Thomas

    My blog has no theme, I write about whatever suits me. Just found your blog and I like it!

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