the world’s going down

I’m reading about the evangelical church right now, and how it, in essence, supported and encouraged a further schism between the invisible and visible church (catholic v. reformed issue #892380198). Combine that with the very fleshly struggle I’ve been having lately about what God is or is not calling me to do, has me thinking a lot.

I am so averse to recreating the wheel – I’d rather go into the axle and do some major repairs, break the wheel down, and restructuring it than just throwing it aside for a new wheel. It has history, it’s ridden miles, and gone in places I could only dream I could ever travel.

But yet, I’m also not a fan of riding on a flat wheel that needs put to rest.

And so I sit, internally waging this war over the church and my place: am I supposed to just idly sit by and watch how the church responds when the person puts herself and says, “hiiii, remember me?” Or, am I supposed to fight back. When is it my turn to learn the answers?


3 responses to “the world’s going down

  1. Case and Los

    p.s. I thought I did see you, weren’t you holding one of the flags the one on the right (as you walked down the aisle?) Will you be around this summer? I’m coming down for my last class in August? We could hang, maybe with Katie too if she’s around?

  2. themadlibs

    haha – yes, then you did! well done!!

  3. I think you should take a nap! love ya libbs. 🙂

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