i’m trying to imagine a situation

My friend Grete wrote today about how she has intensives, thus busy for quite a few weeks, and thereby refraining from the blogosphere. Funny. I think my response is the opposite. I blog more when I don’t want to do my intensive homework. I looked back at my posts last year around this time. Post-finals of the Spring quarter 2007, I wrote 23 posts by Aug. 4th. WHAT?!

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m going to be visiting you a lot between 8-12 pm M-F in the next two weeks, and 1-5 pm M-F in the following. Dear me.

what do you want to hear me ramble about?!

::::::::::i don’t want to waste your time::::::::::…::::::over the rhine:::::::


2 responses to “i’m trying to imagine a situation

  1. I am a stalker. I know. I’m loving the new layout…you may have me convinced to switch to wordpress! And now that I have the net at my house, I’ll probably be posting more…anyway…I think you should do a post on the music you’re currently listening to…and why…;)

  2. smileyange

    I am not good at this game…I can’t get either blogger or wordpress to do anything I want…courtney is going to help me I think…you are much better at this than I!

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