the angel on my shoulder is haunting me tonight

Generally, I can adapt to wherever I am. I hated living in Erie, but I mean, I did it for 22 years (though I suppose adaptation was not required, just contentment and resolution). My college’s ecosystem was not much different, a little more variation in temperature (how much did I miss living near water – err, besides Lake Brittain – yes, that is appropriately spelled). Less snowfall also made New Wilmington and fine location to live. Duly noted. Indianapolis was quite similar to New Wilmington, but a little flatter, a little less humid than Erie, and certainly wide variations in temperatures throughout the day.

Driving from school to home, or from Indy to Erie, I always knew which gas stations to get “cheap” gas. I loved Flying J’s, and loved Sheetz. I remember being destroyed (in a figurative sense, of course) when it cost me $20 to fill up my entire take.

Well, welcome to Southern California, a recession, grad school, and… the land of the living gas price hell. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how much it cost me to put 3.2 gallons of gas in my car yesterday. I am so not kidding you. So, based upon this, it means line of reasoning, it would cost me – ready? It would cost me about $63.00 to fill up my car. For those of you not in Southern California, please read that again. It would cost me $63.00 to fill up a lil’ car like mine. Ridiculous. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. Thank God I don’t have a gas-guzzling-SUV.

That’s it. I’m (financially) done for the evening.


2 responses to “the angel on my shoulder is haunting me tonight

  1. ahhh you say that now, but those gas-guzzling-SUV owners sure come in handy when it’s moving time! 😉

  2. themadlibs

    haha – but i’ve only used my car to move – well, there was that U-Haul

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