off to your daydream

Yesterday I was distracted by music. Well, today is much of the same. I cannot stop listening to old and new music. I hate slash love when I do this (oh, the slash, Grete)!

But I’ve had a few people on the East Coast request that I update people on the music I’m listening to, probably in part because I just find the unknowns, and dare i say Pittsburgh is not the mecca LA or Nashville are. Those who know me well know I prefer the Indie scene over the overproduced music streaming all over the airwaves.

So lately, I’ve re-hooked into the newest out of Nashville, particularly those voices coming out on the newest Ten out of Tenn tour, hitting the midwest and east coast in a few weeks. Bummer for those of you in Pittsburgh, as the closest the tour gets to you is Philly or just across the river of Cincinnati. A few of these artists I’ve seen play numerous times, like Andy Davis, Griffin House. I’ve seen Katie Herzig once. The rest… sigh, I WISH I could say that I’ve seen them all. They’re all on the short list of people I must see. In fact, I keep wondering if I could get away with flying to Indianapolis to see the show at RadioRadio simply to see it. But that seems a little… dare I say futile? 🙂

But I have some of the greatest news I could have learned in ages regarding musical obsessions in front of my face. So much wonderfulness that I needed to share with you. I bring you one of my favorites from the last year, Brooke Waggoner. SERIOUSLY, Check this out. And then check her music out. Beautiful. Creative. Amazing.

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One response to “off to your daydream

  1. smileyange

    Ah, my friend, thanks for the recommendation! I’m going to try to convince a few folks to go with me to either the Baltimore show or the Arlington show of the Ten from Tenn…they are each about an hour and forty-five minutes from me, and I already know I enjoy Andy Davis and a couple of the others thanks to you! So…I’ll let you know how it goes!

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