go on, go on, go on

Every time I take a class which requires online posting (which would be all 2), I find myself getting all riled up pretty much every single day of the online interaction (which would be 4). In college I was your run-of-the-mill Evangelical chica who always always made sure to do the Christian thing – and call God “He” and of course, you better believe that letter was capitalized. I really knew no different and there was never anyone presenting the argument as to why or why not this writing style was smart.

Turns out now, every time I read God as a He I actually shudder. Yes, I use language still in my prayer life like “Father,” but i even catch myself thinking – gender inclusivity – as I’m saying it.

Fuller has a policy, but I frankly do not see many faculty, students, or administration really holding us to the standard. Certainly some faculty do, but on the whole, this perspective is presented once on the first day and students after left doing as they please.

Well, in this online forum for my classes, nearly everyone is writing with He, Him, His, or Himself-s. Gag. I want to revolt and write mean things to people because i get so riled up. I’m riled up that we attribute one gender to a God of all genders. That we eliminate half the population potentially finding a connection with a masculine God. What about people abused by someone (either gender in either case). What happens to that person when you are attributing God to it? I get angry, frustrated, hurt, and disappointed that the simple challenge to ask the harder questions about our language as the church, and especially as church leaders is not only so difficult, but so widely ignored.

Yes, it’s not easy to break the habit, if you will. Yes, sometimes it is awkward to say “God, God-self, God’s” all over the place, but it does actually end up helping you write better sentences, in the long run. I don’t know, I’d rather work harder to not offend, and to be cautious of the room’s environment, than not try to change because its different or sounds a bit “weird” initially.

I know I’m not alone. Anyone else feel this way or have similar/different feelings on the matter?


One response to “go on, go on, go on

  1. Yep, I feel the same. It has gotten to a point where in chapel services, I am stewing in hurt and frustration when a booming male voice prays, “FATHER GOD…” Or well intentioned friend told me that I should find a female mentor and then prayed with me to a “Father.” I turn cold and want to walk out.

    My gender is capable, and was created in the image of God. Why is this not reinfoced (lived out – other than policy) in the christian circles I run in? I can’t think about it much of the time or I shut down.

    So … no. You’re not alone.

    Disclaimer: As part of your posting group, you’ve probably seen me slip and say “Him” or “He” out of habit… hopefully with time it’ll stop.

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