line by line

Every grad student at Fuller knows the rule in the SOT: 1500 pages are technically assigned for every class. Now, this totally changes somewhat depending on department, but it’s kind of what I would call the assumed rule here. In one of my intensives this summer, Presbyterian Creeds, our reading list is far shorter: 600 words in two weeks (yeah, don’t talk to me – I’m reading) and 300 more by the 12th of Sept.

I was just literally making the switch 5 minutes ago when I realized the change in font between two books was drastic. Then I realized the irony. You and I could read 1500 pages, fair and square, and it not be anything like the total number of words. Hello, changing font on a paper to make sure we hit the page limit.

:::::new york in winter:::::…:::::k.s. rhoads:::::


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