I will rest

I learned something about myself this weekend. I am sooo ineffective and bitter as a leader when I’m tired.

Also, I was processing through my stress level, which anyone around me would echo has been “high to very high” lately. I realized that as of today, when I finished my Pentateuch homework, this is the least amount of stress I have really and quite honestly felt in about 3 months. My life has felt like a long drawn out to do list, and suddenly, I managed to knock of a number of things, like a WHOLE class from this summer. (right, so in less than 4 full weeks, I started and ended a whole intensive. As in 31 pgs of writing, a PowerPoint presentation and a handout. Oh and about 1350 pgs of reading (slash scanning). Let me reiterate. That’s a LOT.) Lest we not forget the other two classes I have… and hiring…and retreat planning, organizing and running.

Friends… this girl. Yeah, she’s tired. Oh, and this girl. Needs some rest. When does my 7th year of rest happen? I’m totally ready for a long extended break, please. And please, please excuse my cyncism as of late – it’s been a long one.


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