this is how it is

My main job the last two months, and particularly this last month leaves me listening a lot. I have been paying a lot of attention to people, not that I don’t normally. I know too much about people – details don’t pass me often. As I listen to more people at Fuller, friends, colleagues, professors, administrators, administrative assistants and support staff, two common themes have jumped out at me: uncertainity and loneliness.

Now certainly, the joke at Fuller for a long while has been how many people I know. I was with a new friend last week walking all around Old Town with her and she started laughing at me at one point – seriously, every block or so I was running into people I knew from Fuller. I can’t escape these people. When I give tours, depending on the day and time of the quarter, I’ll actually tell people in advance that I’m sorry for how many times I’ll be interrupted – its more than likely that people won’t always realize I am giving a tour and start to engage in a conversation with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Seriously, I absolutely love to connect with people, network, etc. But I’ve noticed lately how my extroversion has shifted in the last few months. I really prefer to be with a large group but quiet, not the center of attention and certainly not the life of the party. Funny how getting older changes you. I wonder how I would be in full-time youth ministry anymore. Questions for another day, and another time.

(forgive the bad grammar in that title – song lyrics, folks, not me)


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