why do you, do you ask?

My parents might be horrified to see what I’m about write, but I don’t really care. 🙂 (maybe a tad)

It seems as though moving to California has brought out my non-republican bias. I always thought I just was one, because my parents were. I remember where i was standing in the kitchen at my house as a 15 year old talking to my mom about the death penalty and realizing that I didn’t agree with them. Eeek, I had my own mind and morals. Then war hits our nation, and I was torn: I had family who had been in the first Gulf War, and both students and classmates enlisting and later going overseas. I had a friend’s close friend die. I had no idea how I, as a Christian, was supposed to respond. But I assumed it was conservatively – that’s the Christian response, but abortion is the only thing you vote about, right?

Now I have friends who are both working for the Obama campaign and volunteering, while other friends are staunchly passing around facebook notes regarding his “islamic terrorist” ties, and how he is just a ploy to destroy America. Both are Christians. What’s a girl to do?!

I guess its look at youtube and shake your head. Are. You. Kidding. Me.

ht to deadspin for the pursuant laughter the last day

Here’s hoping that if McCain were to win somehow by this ridiculous political move, that he’s got a great cardiologist. I’m afraid.

live for the sounds :::: brooke waggoner ::: from heal for the honey


One response to “why do you, do you ask?

  1. Who are these friends who work for the Obama campaign? I’ll take ’em out.

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