they will keep you in good company

I took a little drive to LAX and back again today (seriously, I need to put a taxi sign on my car – maybe limo? Nah, that’s not right…). I got to (yes, I said got, not had) drop off my roommate and her brand new husband, Steve, on the way to their honeymoon in Mexico, and got to spend an hour catching up with them and hearing some of the funny stories post-reception or during that I missed out on, and caught them up on some of the people that I met that are important in their lives. It was really a blast to just laugh with them, see the tremendous amount of weight removed from both of their shoulders as they finally hit that “we’re married, we get a week long vacation, oh and we’re married” face. The smiles and laughter in the car, let alone their affection is infectious (in a totally good way, of course).

So on my drive back, after a brief stop in Inglewood for gas (note to self: NEVER do that again) I was on my way back for a tour (cuz you know, I can’t ever have a wide open schedule) and had some time to just process. Normally if I were driving at this time in the morning in LA, I’d call the East Coast – it’s lunch time, people are sometimes free from work, etc. But for some reason, I wasn’t remotely compelled to be distracted. I listened to the radio, but found myself often lost in my own thoughts – which was a pleasant distraction from the typical, “I have to do this, this, this, this, this and that” routine I’ve been so accustomed to lately. LIfe has been chaotically busy and Tuesday has been the day I had been anticipating for weeks. Dare I say months? Yes. it’s true.

Anyway, to the point of this. As I sat in the car, in traffic, looking at the ugly dang smog everywhere in front of me, listening to news reports about the train accident in LA on Friday, I thought about how many amazing people I have in my life, and what a privilege it has been to be a part of or at some many weddings in the past few years. I’ve missed so many more, which has killed me each time. But the last few weeks, in the midst of asinine amounts of craziness, have been such a respite in catching up with some of these newly and no-so-newlyweds. And what I realized more than anything that I’ve been direly blessed by, as actually been meeting the people so important to these friends in the process of weddings. It’s so fun, honestly.

For instance, Vera’s whole family is a hoot and a half. Seriously. I mean, seriously. Every time I go to see her, I love how her brother’s are all just goofballs and a half, but have hearts of gold. And of course, they’re goofballs. And the fact that they still remember that I live in California is amazing to me – I mean, seriously, we aren’t like BFFs or anything. And I love that one of Vera’s nieces found me on facebook and still contacts me all the time on the good ol’ FB chat. HILARIOUS! That girl kills me! At her batchelorette, I met some wives of her husband’s friends – these women were so funny and amazing. I loved re-catching up with them at the wedding a few days later.

Then of course this weekend, I got to spend a bunch of time with Steve’s mom and nana, actually. I know, random, right? I was hanging out at Anna’s mom’s place the day of the wedding with the bridesmaids, and I’d imagine that for the mother of the groom, sometimes it’s an interesting place to be – so it was totally fun to hear her tell me stories about Steve and Catherine as kids, and just laugh and crack some jokes with them. At the rehearsal dinner, I re-met people who are good friends of Anna and Steve’s at Fuller, and yet really, Jon and Shannon and I barely knew each other. I had a blast laughing with them at Steve’s family table. So funny – laughed so hard. And one of Anna’s best friends from growing up, Sarah. Girl was so much fun! Between the wedding and the reception, I haven’t laughed to hard in a while. Seriously.

While it sounds like I’m recapping just two weddings, the moral of the story: I’m blessed with some amazing friends, and even more amazing extended families as a result. Left and right, people have loved, cared for, and cried with me over the years – I could write a pages upon pages about all of you (and you know I would if I didn’t have somewhere to be in 20 minutes). But know that each of you reading this post have touched me in small and large ways – and I’m honored and blessed to know you and call you friends. Rock on, friends! 🙂

young friend :::: brooke waggoner


3 responses to “they will keep you in good company

  1. Aw, i made it into your blog! And so did my brothers! And so did my niece! haha, love you libby. ’twas wonderful having you over for a visit… miss ya!

  2. I love you and miss you so much! I really hope we manage to connect one of these times on the phone. 🙂

  3. Um… so I’m sitting in Systematics class right now and smiling ear-to-ear…. how is that possible??? YOU make that possible. Funny how sitting here in class, listening to a lecture on General Revelation I myself am experiencing general revelation of the goodness of God reading your words. Thank you.

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