i’m hearing bells

So here’s a funny story my dad relayed to me via e-mail. Apparently my dad went to the bank yesterday (drive-thru is the common method to banking back home) and apparently when the teller put the receipt in the shoot, she said “have a good day, Mr. —–” with perfect pronunciation.

My dad, shocked, looks at her and says, “um, how do you know how to say my name?!” Her response, “my co-worker went to high school with your daughter, Libby.”

My dad, ever the humorist, replies, “I don’t know who you’re talking about” and drove away.

i am my father’s daughter.

bells – laura jansen


2 responses to “i’m hearing bells

  1. i’m wracking my brain, megan, trying to figure out who it was that I graduated HS w/ working at the FNB in Girard… ideas?

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