you’re right behind me as before

i have a predicament. As you approach the final 20 credits or so of graduation, the closer you get, the more you pray that schedules align. I, while not always appearing to be so organized, actually am rather organized in my mind. I know my limits, my plans, my expectations for classes far in advance and map accordingly. Sometimes Fuller doesn’t allow for that in the same way I’d like – unfortunately, for years the faculty have had a bit more flexibilty in how a schedule aligns itself , which can leave students in the lurch at the last minute.

Introducing the latest lurched student: me.

Back in August I mapped out the next 9 months – up until the schedule provides. I knew what classes to take when, why, how, and I figured it out so all my classes could align w/ a tutoring schedule and presidency for the student body. I had picked a class w/ a major NT interpretation scholar, and was, quite frankly, thrilled with my schedule this winter.

Today when I went to register, I found that they had moved another class I need to graduate to a different time, at the same as this NT scholar’s class, and as such, find myself unable to consider a timely graduation without it. My only option at this point, as I’ve gonet through a number of the lines of power, is to take the class I need, Homiletics (preaching) at the Phoenix, AZ regional campus for Fuller. Yes. Phoenix. 5.5 hours away, 30 by flight.

A friend of mine is in the same predicament and we are both highly considering this option. The problem, however, is not so much taking the class as it is paying to get there and back. The class at that site costs $60 less which we’re reasoned as food costs. But flights appear to cost about $159.00 roundtrip on USAirways and vary on Southwest up to $250. Driving could be anywhere from $60-100 depending on gas costs at that point in the year – costs which would be split. Hotels as well, appear to range around $90-120 a night – also split. In total, we can foresee between $100 and $300 a person in costs per weekend. Keep in mind that because of the timing of these classes, some we would have no option but to fly due to timing in the quarter. We cannot reason driving until 11 pm after a full day of classes during midterms, for instance. She and I estimate a total of around $700-800 in addition to tuition costs.

So now I find myself hopeful, truly, that I can figure out a way in which to pay for these costs and consider this option. The professor teaching in Phoenix is a friend, which adds support and excitement to be honest. I’m writing to ask you if you’d consider sponsor me to make it any distance closer to Phoenix on one of these weekends, which are as follows:

Jan 16-17
Feb 13-14
Feb 27-28
Mar 13-14

Let me know if you have any questions!

tonight – lykke li


3 responses to “you’re right behind me as before

  1. Sorry about the scheduling pain! If you go that route, likely, you’ll meet someone the first day of class that would host you (to cut out the staying there cost at least). That’s what we did at the NW campus and Los has done here at the Houston campus… For the first night, you could Priceline it and get way cheaper too:) Good luck!

  2. Oh, Libs, all you need is for your hectic life to get even more hectic. If there is absolutely anything that we can do to help you, please let us know. Hang in there–the end is in sight!

  3. thanks, friends. SIGH… drama likes to follow me, eh 🙂

    miss you both!

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