caught in a shadow of myself

I have ignored/stiffled any existant creative juices in the past few months. There’s been a change in my life – arduous, painful, lonely, confusing, exciting, and did I mention lonely? I’d rather not go to into all the details in such a public forum, but I think it’s time I stop hiding from the outside world. It’s nothing major – just transitioning through this seminary/discernment/growing up thing. Regardless, I’ve hidden from music, even, in these last few weeks/months – minus the status update, tweet, or gchat status change – it’s partly why it’s hard to write blogs when you’re not listening to music.

But a welcomed re-entry includes sprucing up this place. I finally updated the what I’m listening to section, but thought I’d share with you what I actually wrote – they call it a “mix” – cool, eh?

A Thankful Mix – November 2008:
Come Love, See My Hands – Brooke Waggoner
And You Give – Matthew Barber
Grey Room – Damien Rice
A Clouded View – Ola Podrida
Chase You – Katie Herzig
The Way I Was Made – Griffin House
How Come – Ray LaMontagne
All I Need Is Everything – Over the Rhine
Stay Humble – Tyler James
The Water – Trent Dabbs
You Were Right – Hayward Williams
Funeral Dress – William Fitzsimmons
Latter Days – Over the Rhine 

Yes, I broke my rule – I put two songs from one artist. But come on – it’s Over the Freaking Rhine. 


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