santa’s lost his mojo

I am not one who loves Christmas music. There. I said it. I don’t. I’m the grinch and I hate Christmas music until about three days before Christmas, so having roommates for the last 8 years who love Christmas has forced me to adapt. 

During week 10/finals I treat myself to one new CD each quarter. Actually, before most major writing projects I do. I use it as the motivation to make it through the push. In fact, there are certain albums that when I listen now I can remember the papers i’ve written while listening to them. It’s true.

Well, I bought my CD over break – and gasp, I bought a holiday CD. I had to. It was the Ten out of Tenn’s CD. I’ll admit, the first two runs were not very appealing. But, forget that. I’m addicted. Wholeheartedly. Go. Buy it. Now.

Don’t worry – Santa didn’t lose his mojo. Well, I hope your’s didn’t at least!

EDIT: I had to fix some grammar. I raced to publish and was nauseated by the errors.


2 responses to “santa’s lost his mojo

  1. Libby, this just proves how different we are. I love Christmas music and just blogged about all my favorite songs, and I could NEVER listen to a CD and write a paper. It would be a disaster. I need complete silence.

    But you know what? It’s cool that we’re so different. That’s why I like you 😉

  2. haha – can you forgive me if I’m attempting to reform my ways!?

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