do you remember, the 21st of september?

From now on, I know what I’ll say happened in late hours of that night (ok, so really, it was sept. 22nd – shhh). I went to turn off the fan in my room, and realized that something was happening outside my window. I looked out to see two guys fighting on the street and one of the guys slamming the other guy’s head on the ground.

Meanwhile, three friends looked on.

I wrestled with the decision – what does it mean to do nothing? I have to call. This is going to sound weird, right?

Of course the dispatchers amused me. I give my addresss, “you’re in Pasadena?” “yes.” “Hold on, I need to connect you with Pasadena.” Get connected, and what happens? Oh, this is the LAPD. I swear, it wasn’t me. Connecting me to Pasadena PD. For the third time we get my name (which, by the way, is now a cross between Miffy and Liddy. Who knew?)

As I stand in my room, watching the fight start to slow, and hear the helicopters taking off, the 5 guys run – somewhere. No idea where, but I can hear the feet pick up the pace.

Is it weird that all I can think about is how my window had the light on?

21st of September – earth, wind and fire


2 responses to “do you remember, the 21st of september?

  1. Um, creepy.

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