in the jungle, the mighty jungle

Some of you know that I’ve embarked upon a time of great transition. Friendships have rapidly morphed in the LA (and beyond) area. I feel like I’m starting to get my feet reacquainted with the rest of me.

I had a wonderful time at a convention last week, perhaps in great account to the support and encouragement I found whilst sitting at HQ for hours upon hours. Seriously. Hours. Watching people eat candy. I digress.

There are many exciting things on the horizon, none less than some writing and research projects in the near future. I’m extremely excited to get back into theology but not for a grade – but for others. I’m hopeful that I get to engage a part of my mind I enjoy stretching, all the while asking questions hopefully for the benefit of many others. Let’s cross those fingers!

In addition, I’m a part of a launch team for a church. Those of you who know me remotely well are likely laughing. The girl who likes to think analytically is also a bit of a cynic when it comes to church lately (ahem, alongtimecoming). Regardless, I am a part of it for a number of reasons, in part to force myself to ask some hard questions, in part to finish my degree, and in part because the essence of the initial conversation regarding the church plant are compelling to me –  if done well.

Some days I’m happy with that latter element. Other days… maybe not so much. (I hate being such a perfectionist about some things.)

Anyway, I decided that it would be a good practice to really engage my mind and my feelings creatively (that is, as creative as a blog is) – perhaps others are asking similar questions about the church. As it is, I am essentially revisiting the whole idea of church and why I have issues with it. It’s not to say I’m completely done. Nor does it say that I’m sold on the Protestant with a twist of American evangelicalism as it stands church, but heck, my experience is no less fodder for discussion.

So if you’re interested in what I”m thinking, feeling, questioning, or just want to laugh at me – you ought to head on over to – I promise, I occasionally have a good thought. And I’d love yours too.


2 responses to “in the jungle, the mighty jungle

  1. Want to hear all about this church. And get a life update. Phonecall soon??

  2. yes. after tomorrow?

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