what I’m listening to

Since 2005 all but the first few blog entries have titles from lyrics I’m listening to while writing thoughts. Some are rather obscure and probably difficult to find via google searches. And sometimes I actually tell you the name of the song at the bottom of the entry. Sometimes I’m nice!

Doors Are Open – February 2009:
Go – Kate York
Everything Has Changed – William Fitzsimmons
Father – Horse Feathers
Goodbye – Over the Rhine
The Man Who Killed Love – Will Hoge
The Wrong – Brooke Waggoner
You Kill Me – Paper Route
The Last Goodbye – K.S. Rhoads
Where the River Bends – Matthew Barber
Forward Looking Back – Trent Dabbs
Kingfisher Sweet – Canon Blue
I Hurt Too – Katie Herzig
Cover Your Eyes – Cabin

A Thankful Mix – November 2008:
Come Love, See My Hands –
Brooke Waggoner
And You Give – Matthew Barber
Grey Room – Damien Rice
A Clouded View – Ola Podrida
Chase You – Katie Herzig
The Way I Was Made –
Griffin House
How Come – Ray LaMontagne
All I Need Is Everything – Over the Rhine
Stay Humble – Tyler James
The Water – Trent Dabbs


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